The following comments are fromĀ  patient surveys (April- June 2020), compiled by Fazzi Associates, an independent research firm.

These employees are excellent. I could not begin to tell you how much I think of each of those who came to see me. I was treated so wonderful!

They truly exceeded the care that I had expected. Very polite, informed, punctual and careful and protective of my care I am grateful.

This is very good service The worker are very kind & gentle well trained thank you for the service.

Everyone was so nice, they would smile and be so concern about me. Thank you all.

I just want to say that everyone did a great job and I would like to say thank you all.

Excellent care. Always called to let me know when coming. Consider them friends now. Used them for my husband also.

The staff was very pleasant to work with because they also listen and encouraged you to keep up the good work.

Very good - I love and respect this agency. It's the best when you need care at home.

Thank you! The exercises were not that painful as I have had others before that were.