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Who We Are

Three Rivers Home Health Services Inc. offers direct, in-home care by compassionate, licensed or certified professionals. Our staff works to maximize patients’ recovery potential while supporting their family structure and guarding their rights and privileges as healthcare patients.

Direct home care has increasingly become a preference for people who are elderly, sick, disabled, or incapacitated. Today, patients who require acute care related to cancer, stroke, diabetes, cardiac disease, Alzheimers, orthopedic issues, and even high-risk pregnancies are getting it at home – a comfortable and familiar environment.

Admission occurs through a physician’s recommendation and is based upon (1) the needs of the patient, (2) homebound status, and (3) the type of services required. Three Rivers’ skilled nurses coordinate closely with the patient’s physician to individualize and administer a plan of care.

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  • Glenda provided excellent service!
  • Excellent care.
  •  They were very nice and courteous.
  •  Dee & Crystal are very caring & provided excellent service - GREAT caregivers!
  •  Extremely professional, very personable, caring therapists.
  •  We were very satisfied with the care we got! She did everything she could to help us.
  •  Everyone treated me like I was family.
  •  The care was great, especially from Jon.
  •  Everyone was so kind and sweet to me and my family.
  •  Excellent
  •  Especially the physical therapist (Shane ) Excellent!
  •  We are extremely happy and totally satisfied!!!!!
  •  I feel this agency is the best. The girls always help me.
  •  Everyone was super nice - well over & beyond to help me - appreciate so much. Loved them all.
  •  Great nurses - Jeff the therapist was great!
  •  Three Rivers Home Health - "So Great".
  •  Very professional.
  •  The staff was a tremendous help to me over the past 2+ years helping me and me learning from them how to manage my husband's care
  • Tammy the PT went above and beyond her job to help.
  •  The nurses are very good and polite.
  •  Petty Good
  •  Wonderful nurses and therapist. Always very caring
  •  Good group of people - very helpful.
  •  Ashley is the best!
  •  Very efficient nice & caring therapist thoughtful nurses 10+
  •  I am well pleased with the service I received. The therapists were great & very knowledgeable.
  • Susan, Ms. Baker, Kristie, & Renae are the best ever! They do their job, with love, kindness, respect, and patience! Thankful.
  •  The office staff and the nurses are awesome! A special thanks to one nurse in particular , Donna, she is so good.
  •  Ms. Jenny, Ms. Angie and the entire staff at Three Rivers are providing the "Best" health care services to our family!
  •  Excellent service.
  •  Everything was very good. Thank you.
  •  Good people.
  •  I used this agency before and was very pleased with my nurse & therapist. I would use your agency again.
  •  Outstanding care was provided by both the nurses and physical therapist.
  •  Good Job.
  •  Real pleased. You have real nice people.
  •  Very Good.
  •  Nice and good.
  •  Nice caring people!
  •  Great people.
  •  All of the agency  was very nice to me. They have help me with my problems.
  •  Beverly and her staff are wonderful care givers. Always respectful and compassionate.
  •  It was the best care a person could get to be home. God bless all the care-takers.
  •  Excellent, Courteous, Prompt, friendly & gentle.
  •  The nurse and PT were very nice and concerned about my health.
  •  Excellent!
  •  Three Rivers has a great staff of people working for them. Especially the ones who saw about me.
  •  Can't say enough good about this agency. Great service, Excellent personalities. All encouraged & made me want to do all I could.
  •  The agency is very good & respectful.
  •  Personnel were very responsive to my needs and very understanding of my situation.
  •  They made O.T. and P.T. fun!
  •  They are the best.
  •  I am very pleased with my agency. They all was very nice and we got along fine, I think, I just love them all.
  •  Well -trained crew gave me the very best care.
  •  I would like to say Shawn and the therapy staff is awesome! Yvonne, Tammy, Kenny and the Nurses, Georgia
  •  Very good service was received from this group
  •  100% satisfied
  •  My therapist, Joel, was very professional and his therapy was very thorough. He was glad to answer any of my questions.
  •  I could not have gotten any better care. Thank ya'll for taking care of me.
  •  Love them all.
  •  The nurse was super nice and the rest of the people were super nice.
  •  Excellent care and concern - staff very knowledge & courteous. Very professional! Thank you for your staff!
  •  I thank ya'll so much, they were a big help.
  •  Excellent home health agency.
  •  If I ever need this agency again, I would request Tammy as therapist she did an excellent job.
  •  My child does not take to just anyone that she has not met before, they sent the right one! She worked so good with her.
  •  The care I got was outstanding.
  •  Dependable.
  •  The people that worked with me were wonderful.
  •  Everyone was very satisfying & caring -
  •  They were very helpful to my situation, and had took interest by being good listeners.
  •  I was happy with the care I received. The PT was especially helpful.
  •  Excellent care from the nurse & PT was awesome.
  •  They all seemed to enjoy their job. All smiles.
  •  I would highly recommend them to whomever would need their care.
  •  Excellent 
  •  All the ones that came were very professional and thorough in the work and action! Thank you!
  •  Very good service. All the therapist & nurse were very courteous and did very good job with my care & rehab.
  •  Very good!
  •  Thanks for your service.
  •  The occupational therapists, Michelle & Deborah were great. So was Cris the phyical therapist.
  •  Well trained, helpful.

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